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Frequently Asked Question
2. How to register for Hang Seng e-Banking Services?
Q: How do I register for Hang Seng e-Banking Services?
A: If you are one of the following Hang Seng customers, you can register for the services online:
- Prestige Banking customers
- Preferred Banking customers
- Green Banking customers
- Integrated Account customers
- ATM customers
- Credit Card Account customers (excluding Alpha Card, Hang Seng Company Card, Hang Seng Commercial Card, VISA Business Card, MasterCard Corporate Card, U.S. Dollar VISA Gold Card, SuperCash and Private Label Card)
- Sole-proprietorship customers using Business Phone Banking Services (for registration by the sole proprietor only)
- MPF customers (for employees only)

To register for this service, simply click "Register Now" on e-Banking logon page and you will be guided through the registration process. Your account number, phone/ATM PIN and HKID Card / Passport number are required for the registration.
Q: How long does it take to go through the registration process?
A: The registration process requires only a few simple steps after selecting your account type:
Step 1 - Enter your account information
Step 2 - Create your online identity
Step 3 - Accept terms and conditions
Q: What can I do if I forget / lose my phone PIN / ATM PIN?
A: For Prestige Banking customers, please call 2998-9188. For Preferred Banking customers, please call 2822-8228. For Integrated Account customers, please call 2912-3456. For other customers, please call 2822-0228. You can reset your phone PIN with your ATM Card at any ATM of Hang Seng Bank in Hong Kong* (choose "Other Services" in the Main Menu), or request Integrated Account Phone PIN online through "Other Related Services" under Account Services Section of e-banking, or visit any of our Hang Seng Bank branches to request for a new phone PIN. For credit card account customers, please call 2398-0000 (after selecting language, press "2", then enter your credit card account no. and phone PIN) or visit any of our Hang Seng Bank branches to request for the re-issuance of ATM PIN.
* Phone PIN reset via ATMs is only applicable to personal account customers.
Q: What accounts can I access through the Hang Seng e-Banking Services?

You can make balance enquiry on your self-named accounts, including savings, current and credit card accounts.

-For personal customers, the account name and ID number of the accounts should be the same as those of the Integrated Account/Credit Card Account you used for e-Banking registration.

-For sole-proprietorship customers, the account name and business identification of the accounts should be the same as those of the Integrated Account or the Primary Account Business Phone Banking Service you used for e-Banking registration.

Q: What should I do if I have entered invalid information during the registration process?
A: If you type in an invalid information such as account number or PIN, we will prompt you to re-enter the information again.
Q: How to define my e-Banking account information?
User Name Should be 8-15 alphanumeric characters
First and Second Password Should be a combination of 8-30 letters and numbers
Do not
use any 5-character sequential string (More Tips)
Email Address Should be maximum 30 characters
Answers of Security Questions Should be 3-30 alphanumeric characters
Q: Can I change my user name and password?
A: The user name cannot be changed after registration. However, you may change your password online by selecting "Change Password" under the Customer Services Section.
Q: How can I cancel my e-Banking services? Can I still retain my bank accounts if I cancel my e-Banking services?
A: If you would like to cancel your e-Banking services, please return the completed Personal e-Banking services change form to any of our branches or by post with a copy of your ID document attached.

Surely you can still retain your bank accounts when you cancel your e-Banking services.
Q: If my integrated account number has changed, do I need to re-register e-Banking Services?
A: No, you don't need to re-register e-Banking Services. You just need to add your new account(s) and delete the old account on "Account List" page under "Account Maintenance" of the Customer Services Section.
Q: Why am I being prompted to register e-Banking services again?
A: As we have migrated to the Enhanced Personal e-Banking platform completely, you will be requested to re-register again with a new username if you have never logon to our new platform since its launch in 2006.

For your convenience, all your personal bill payment setting (including bill payment limits and registered payee) will be retained and accessible with your new e-Banking account. However, due to security reason, your personal setting for transfer (i.e. transfer limits and registered transfer account) has been reset.