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Hang Seng e-Banking
Frequently Asked Question
1. What is Hang Seng e-Banking?
Q: What is Hang Seng e-Banking?
A: It is an online banking service launched by Hang Seng Bank through the Internet. With Hang Seng e-Banking Services, you can gain access to your accounts as well as perform banking transactions, securities and investment funds trading.
Q: What are the services available under Hang Seng e-Banking?
A: The following services are currently available:
- Account Services
- Investment Services
- Insurance Application
- Loan and Overdraft Application
- Credit Card Services
- e-Services
- ORSO Services
- MPF Services
- Customer Services
Q: Are the services available 24 hours?
A: Yes, the services are available 24 hours a day.
Q: Can I access Hang Seng e-Banking from overseas?
A: Yes, provided that you have access to the Internet with the recommended browser, you will be able to access our e-Banking Services anywhere around the world.
Q: Do I have to pay for Hang Seng e-Banking Services?
A: Our e-Banking Services are free to all customers with an Integrated Account, ATM Card, Credit Card Account (excluding Hang Seng Company Card, Hang Seng Commercial Card, VISA Business Card, MasterCard Corporate Card, U.S. Dollar VISA Gold Card, SuperCash, Private Label Card and supplementary card), MPF customers (for employees only) and company customers using Business Phone Banking Services (for sole proprietors only). However, some transactions such as remittance and cashier order requests are subject to handling fees. Besides, e-Banking Services are free to Hang Seng MPF and ORSO customers (for employees only) who are allowed to manage their MPF and ORSO online.